April 1, 2009

Federal court delays birth certificate for gay dads

Federal court delays birth certificate for gay dads
By 365gay Newscenter Staff
04.01.2009 12:40pm EDT

(New Orleans, Louisiana) The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered a hold on a lower court ruling that gave the state of Louisiana 15 days to put both names of a gay couple on the birth certificate of their adopted son.

The state appealed the ruling and the 5th Circuit has ordered legal briefs to be submitted in the case. The Appeals Court is expected to hear the case later this year.

Oren Adar and Mickey Smith adopted their Louisiana-born son in 2006 in a New York court, where a judge issued an adoption decree.

When Smith attempted to get a new birth certificate for their child, in part so he could add his son to his health insurance, the office of Louisiana State Registrar Darlene Smith told him that Louisiana does not recognize adoption by unmarried parents and so could not issue it. [ Full Story ]

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